Best Animal Books

Pull Ahead BooksBy far, my family’s favorite early childhood level books about animals, and other science topics, are the Pull Ahead Books by Lerner Publishing. Each page has a few sentences of factual information about the featured animal and a wonderful picture. The three pictured books are ones that we purchased. We typically get them from the library. However, we had an easier time finding them at our public library when we were living in New York for a few years. Our local library just doesn’t have as many books from Lerner Publishing, which is disappointing. I need to request that they get more, I just haven’t taken the time to do it yet.

We are studying Life Science this year with the God’s Design for Life texts. We are using The World of Animals first, so we will be taking a few field trips to our local zoo, and we will be supplementing with the Lerner Publishing animal books that I could find from the library and the few that we bought. We also bought a great zoo guide from Answers in Genesis. It has a picture of many different types of animals and then some basic facts about each pictured animal.

My 6 year old son is a visual learner. He learns so much from reading books, whether by himself or listening to my husband or me reading to him, or from watching videos. He has a great memory, too. That is another reason why I love the Lerner Publishing animal books so much. They are simple enough for him to read by himself, and they teach him all sorts of facts about animals. He has expanded his vocabulary with words like omnivore, predator, camouflage, and nocturnal just from reading and listening to these books. And it brings great joy to a parent when your child uses a new, “big” word in conversations with you as he tells you about the interesting things he now knows.


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