Christmas Cards

Yesterday evening I got to have a few hours out of the house by myself. OK, the baby came along, but that’s only because I’m still nursing her. I went to a Christmas card making class hosted by my mother and a few of her other paper crafting friends. Any paper cutting involved was done in advance for us. I just needed to come ready to use the punches and stamps and adhere together all of the components. Since I had the baby with me I wasn’t able to stay out as late as I otherwise would have, so I was unable to complete all 48 of my cards during the three hours that I was at the class. One card in particular required a lot DSCF7983of paper punching, so I needed to make sure that I had my stamping and punching done, and one sample of each of the three cards that I was making, before I could go home. I still have a lot of double-sided taping to do, but I enjoy doing that kind of work with my hands. I certainly did not come up with the idea for these cards by myself, I do not operate that way. I’m a recipe follower when it comes to cooking, card making, and digital scrapbooking. I’m a little bit better with putting together my own designs with quilting, but I still follow patterns for individual components, like quilt blocks. I know my limits and I am willing to admit them!

I had a lot of fun being out of the house. As a mother of small children I rarely get any time off from my work. And being around four small people all day, every day, can get very frustrating and tiring. Also, since I didn’t get to finish the cards, I get the joy of continuing to work on them at home.


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