First Day of School

Today was our oldest son’s first day of First Grade. We started the day by twice listening to the 10 Commandments songs on the Sing the Faith CD. DSCF7997Then we worked on the First Article of the Apostles’ Creed and the first verse of LSB hymn 725, Children of the Heavenly Father. We completed history, math, geography, and science before lunch. After lunch we spent the afternoon working through the day’s phonics/spelling lesson.

He remembers a lot of things from last year, but we didn’t work very much over the Summer months, so he did forget a lot that we learned at the end of the year in phonics. His handwriting is better when he is doing copywork than with dictation, DSCF8004so I have to remember that when we have something longer to write that doesn’t necessarily need to be dictated to him. The dotted lines in the middle of his writing lines are gone this year, so he needs to work more on good handwriting than on his listening skills. He will get plenty of practice with dictation when he is learning his spelling words and writing dictated sentences. I can’t expect his handwriting to improve if he doesn’t have something to look at and copy when he’s working on writing longer portions of text.

Overall, the day went pretty well. DSCF8007The biggest challenge is keeping the 4 year old and the 2 year old out of our way. I gave them special things to play with and do, but that didn’t always help. They are interested in sitting at the school table with us, but it is just a small preschool table, so there isn’t really enough room for them to sit there and for my oldest son and me to have enough room to work. Also, they interrupt more when they are in the same room, anyway.

I also feel like my entire day was spent withDSCF8001 either the oldest working on lessons or with the baby nursing her. I spent a little time with our 2 year old son because he is in diapers and needed changes, and he was actually playing nicely (until I gave him crayons) when he was in the same room. I feel like I spent no time with our 4 year old daughter at all today and that most of the time devoted to her was in trying to get her out of my way or in disciplining. She will begin Saxon Math K next Monday, and then she’ll get some individual lesson time, too. DSCF8002I can tell now that she’s probably the one I’ll butt heads with the most throughout her childhood. I would love for her to sit and listen during the history and science lessons, since those will always be combined subjects for the children during their elementary years, but she doesn’t sit well for books always.

It is definitely always interesting to see how each child is different and wonder how they will grow, learn, and change as they get older.


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