Educating Myself

One of the benefits of being a homeschool mom is that I get to educate myself along with my children. Yesterday’s history lesson was about the early Egyptians. We read about Khufu, and how he was the pharaoh that commissioned the Great Pyramid in Giza. I remembered him from when I learned about Ancient Egypt as a child, but I remember him by the name Cheops.

I recorded a program on H2 (History Channel) a few weeks ago called The Lost Pyramid. The children and I watched it yesterday afternoon while I folded laundry. As it turns out, the program was about a ruined pyramid that was commissioned by Djedefre, who was Khufu’s son. The program fit perfectly into our lesson for the day. I enjoyed it immensely. The children liked it, but as children do, they would run around and play every now and then.

Along with the magazines that I regularly read, I try to get library books for myself and read some sort of biography, history book, or classic novel each month, when I can. Reading is my favorite hobby and I read something for myself everyday. Currently, I am reading A Patriot’s History of the United States. A-Patriots-History-of-the-USI bought it a few years ago when I owned a Nook ereader and started reading it but never got past the middle of the first chapter. I got it from the library last year and I don’t think I made it past the first page. It is not a difficult book, and it is an enjoyable read, but it is a matter of wanting to read a long, non-fiction book. I decided the other day that I wanted to go ahead and read this book, so I downloaded the Nook app onto my phone and I’ve read my way into Chapter 2. I’m not a big fan of reading books on my phone, but I don’t want my Nook purchases to go to waste, and reading on my phone is much more practical than sitting at the computer and trying to read. Also, reading on my phone is much easier than trying to carry a 1,000 page book around the house, or trying to hold it open or turn pages when I’m nursing the baby.

For about ten years I have read mostly fiction, primarily recent novels with some older ones. I read five and a half of the Anne of Green Gables books last year and I read Anna Karenina this year. During college I read a lot of Christian fiction since I worked at a Christian bookstore and would use my 20% off employee discount to buy a lot of books. Recently, I have been much more interested in non-fiction books and biographies. I would like to read some classic novels, though, so my goal is to alternate my reading between a non-fiction book and a classic novel. I’ve been wanting to read Jane Eyre, so I think I’ll tackle that next. Granted, it may be November before I finish A Patriot’s History, because it is basically a textbook and it may take me that long to read it.


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