Cardinals Baseball

I am a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. I grew up and currently reside in St. Louis county, so it comes with the territory. I like to say that you can’t live in St. Louis for any long period of time without becoming a Cardinals fan. It’s kind of contagious!

Last night the Cardinals won game 6 of the National League Championship Series which is sending them to the World Series. This will be their 19th World Series and hopefully they’ll win their 12th World Series this year.World Series Bound

Last night’s game was just a great game of baseball. Our players were working well as a team and managed to put forth great pitching, great hitting, great running, and great catching. Carlos Beltran had the best catch of the night with a near-diving catch in right-field for an out. The NLCS MVP award went to Michael Wacha, a 22 year old rookie pitcher who pitched a great game. The final score was 9-0, which was unusual for the series. We fans really couldn’t have asked for a better game or a better team!


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