World Series Loss

So the Cardinals did not win the World Series last night. The Boston Red Sox were victorious. However, if we were going to lose to any other team in baseball this year it was going to be the Boston Red Sox. This year’s World Series matchup was between the two best teams in the major leagues.

The Red Sox are certainly deserving of their win. They played very well. This is not to say that the Cardinals did not play well, but we certainly left a lot of men on base without bringing them home. At least we didn’t let the Red Sox sweep us like they did in 2004. The Red Sox won the first game, the Cardinals won the next two games, and then the Red Sox won from there.

This was a World Series of interesting occurrences and some strange things. The second game, the game the Cardinals won in Boston, ended with an obstruction call. Allen Craig tripped over the Red Sox’s third baseman on his way to home plate and the umpire awarded him the run even though he had been tagged out by the catcher. In game four, the Red Sox got their final out to win the game with a pick-off at first base. Kolten Wong had a lead off the base, and instead of pitching to the batter the pitcher threw to his first baseman and Wong couldn’t get back in time. No other World Series games had ever ended in either of the ways these two games ended.

Another interesting piece of history, the Boston Red Sox had not won a World Series at Fenway Park since 1918. This is not to say that they had not played and won World Series games at Fenway since 1918, but that they had not completed a World Series at their home stadium since then. In 2004, when they won their first World Series since 1918, they swept the Cardinals and won the Series at Busch Stadium. Last night, they were able to celebrate with their own fans as they won their third World Series victory in the past 10 years. So much for the curse of the Bambino. They have nothing to complain about anymore.

All in all, I’m okay with which team won last night. The Red Sox played very well, and they were certainly deserving of their win. Although it would be nice if the Cardinals would work on their batting skills in the off-season and in spring training for next year.


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