Happy Birthday, Grandma

So, this is a day late, but happy birthday to this blog’s namesake! Yesterday was my grandma’s 74th birthday.

When I was a kid we often would eat lunch with Grandma at her house on Mondays after our homeschool choir and band practice. We would typically eat grilled cheese, although Grandma called it cheese toast. Sometimes we would eat tomato soup, also.

Snacks at Grandma’s house would consist of cream cheese on a popsicle stick, an ice cream cone with either vanilla or sherbet ice cream, Fig Newtons, or marshmallows. We would have tea parties with the toy tea set, or play grocery store with the toy cash register and the boxes and containers that Grandma would save. We would listen to her play the piano and would sometimes play for her. We would watch Disney sing-alongs or the animal videos that she had on her TV.

My Grandma is a thoughtful, kind, and gentle woman. I am so thankful to be a part of her family and to know her.

Happy birthday, Grandma! I love you.


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Grandma

  1. thank you, ,Becky.   this is very sweet   those memories are favorites of mine. Love,   Grandma


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