Life in the Everyday

It seems as if there is always something popping up for me to do that gets in the way of what I want to do. A diaper needs changing, a meal needs cooking, laundry needs folding,  

 the kitchen needs cleaning, the garden needs weeding, etc. The list never ends. There is always something getting in the way of what I am doing. 

But what is it that I am doing that is so important? Why do I think that catching up on the news, scrolling through Facebook, or playing a game on my phone are so important? These things certainly provide me with knowledge, information, and entertainment, but are they important?

No. They are not. Folding the laundry for the five other people in my care, cleaning our dishes and cooking our meals are important. It is so easy to get annoyed by these daily tasks. But these daily tasks are the important work.

I need to remind myself the next time that life interrupts me out of my laziness that it is the life that I have been given. It is not mundane or ordinary. It is my life. And life is precious. 


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