Finally Had Some Time

So those who follow my blog may get a ton of notifications about new posts today. And some of those posts may seem odd, because they are all out of order. Well, I figured out the issue of the auto-posting between Goodreads (where I keep track of what I’m currently reading or want to read) and WordPress.So I am posting the book reviews with the date of when I finished the book. This way I can look back and see what I was reading and when, too.

I like to cross-blog my book reviews, especially for some of the newer fiction that I would like to see continue (like the Lois Lane series by Gwenda Bond), and also for the independently published books that I’ve read (like from Louisa Koch and Ray Keating). I hope that my reviews are useful for some of you, and that maybe you’ll take an interest in a book that you may have never heard of otherwise. That’s actually how I got an interest in the Lois Lane series and the Pastor Stephen Grant series. I read a review of the first book in each series in WORLD Magazine, and they sounded interesting to me.

So bear with me today, please! I hope I won’t have to do this again. 🙂


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