Review: My Grandfather’s Son

My Grandfather's Son
My Grandfather’s Son by Clarence Thomas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A wonderful and engaging story about the American Dream, “My Grandfather’s Son” tells the story of how Clarence Thomas journeyed from a poverty-stricken kid from Georgia to the second black justice on the United States Supreme Court.

Through social injustices, racial prejudice, and hard-fought successes, Justice Thomas has written an inspiring story that should be required reading in American high school classrooms. If young adults in the United States could learn from the example of someone who took as a motto a saying from Bobby Knight, “everybody has a will to win. What’s far more important is having the will to prepare to win.” In other words, everyone wants to succeed, but you have to work hard to get to that point. Hard work, a good education, and the will to carry on through adversity are virtues that American children need to learn and emulate.

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